Produtos de ortopedia e podologia. Com reconhecidos benefícios de saúde. Exigentes padrões de qualidade. Prevenção e recuperação.

b_300_200_16777215_00_images_Decorativo_handsround_V2.pngTHE BRAND

Since 1981, Peeth manufactures and sells orthopaedic and podiatry products.
Our brand is noticed for the excellence of quality in its products, with renown medical and health-care benefits. We keep solid and continuous connections with our collaborators, keeping in touch with the latest market needs and trends, always opened to new projects and endeavours. It’s our mission to adopt the highest standards of quality, our products excel in reliability and it’s our goal to keep our brand at the top of our client’s confidence, always demanding more for you.

Well being protection.

b_300_200_16777215_00_images_Decorativo_BSV2.pngBENEFITS & HEALTH

Compression hosiery is a world-renowned therapy.
This treatment quickly provides relief from pain of varicose veins, chronic member conditions, swelling, scars and burns. It’s highly recommended for post-surgery recovery. Compression hosiery enhances blood circulation, repairing skin tissue and improves articulation in joints and tendons. The materials used in our products are confortable, conceived for everyday movements. For optimal results it’s recommended to wear our products regularly, preferably on a daily basis.